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Chief Executive Officer Tsutomu Aoshima

Our company, Techno Alpha Co., Ltd., has since its foundation in 1989 been making efforts to expand its business in line with the growing industry. Being an international trading company we specialize in technology with our technological background and manufacturer-oriented function in tandem with our subsidiary, Peritec Corporation, KYA technologies corporation.
Our top priority is placed on satisfying our customers’ needs through our international marketing and technical support. We import, from suppliers the world over, cutting edge equipment and quality materials such as power semiconductors, SMT products, FPD’s, liquid filtration and equipment for laboratory use and shipbuilding use as well. We also export superior quality products of Japanese manufacturing equipment under the licenses introduced from our principals as well as our own developed products.
In 2007 we Techno Alpha Co., Ltd. went public on the Osaka Stock Exchange “Hercules”,currently ”JASDAQ”.
In Feb, 2012, I succeeded the Power of representation from having taken up the post formerly representative Mr. Katsumasa Matsumura.
We are determined to commit ourselves to making further efforts and exploring business opportunities toward a prosperous future.
Tsutomu Aoshima
Chief Executive Officer
Techno Alpha Co., Ltd.

We want to be the best partner for Japanese market!

The Company’s Basic Policy On Distributing Imports

Techno Alpha Co., Ltd. successfully imports and distributes products from overseas on the basis of its long-term relationships fostered with its Principals. To open up markets here in Japan,please understand we will need initially at least two to three years as the contract term when concluding a distributorship agreement with a new supplier.
Our marketing efforts are centered on breaking through demanding Japanese markets in order to establish a successful and long-term business in cooperation with our Principal.
To attain this objective, we make a point of investing adequate money and manpower, participating in various trade shows and exercising suitable advertising tools.

Why Don’t You Choose Techno Alpha As Your Distributing Partner In Japan?

If you are looking for a reliable sales agent or distributor of your products in Japan, why don’t you consider us Techno Alpha Co., Ltd. as your candidate partner? Through us your products will be promoted to many large and important enterprises in Japan as thanks to our ample experience in the trade we are in good and close relation with the country’s key players in the semiconductor back end field and in the fields of testing equipment, laboratory use products, electronics materials and components, marine machinery, environmental equipment for liquid filtration and so forth.

Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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