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Surface Mount Technology equipment/material

Pb Free VPS Reflow Soldering

Pb Free・3D mounting・Void-less support
VPS Reflow Soldering system

These are VPS reflow, VPS vacuum reflow system which utilize saturated vapor generated from inert liquid and are the most suitable for ; *High-density mounted substrate, *BGA mounted substrate which requires calorific value, *3D-MID mounted substrate, *Solder reflow for the work including large size jig, *The work to which many size and many kinds of parts are mounted and difficult for uniform heating, *high-reliability solder reflow which requires flux-less and void-free.

The microfocus X-ray system

The microfocus X-ray system Y.Cougar

Y. Cougar SMT is X-ray inspection/CT Scan System which has the best resolution and easy operation.

Precious metal powder : Silver powder, silver-palladium alloy

Precious metal powder : Silver powder, silver-palladium alloy

TECHNIC INC.(R.I., U.S.A.) with over 70 years of its history, who maintain top-class production volume, excellent technical support and strong product development capability in order to comply with customization request from scratch, are proud to offer precious metal powder(silver powder, silver-palladium alloy) for electric & electronics purpose.

High thermal conductive die-attach paste,Electrically conductive adhesive

High thermal conductive die-attach paste
Electrically conductive adhesive ATROX™

High thermal conductive die-attach paste / electrically conductive adhesive ATROX™ , has a unique polymer structure by fusion of silver and organic material, are proud of excellent heat thermal conductivity exceeding conventional tin-lead solder / epoxy adhesive.

Thermoplastic Adhesives STAYSTIK

Thermoplastic Adhesives STAYSTIK

STAYSTIK features low out gas and stress relaxation characteristic. STAYSTICK is a high reliability adhesive that corresponds to diebond, join elements in the devices of crystal transmitters.

Water Absorbment/Moisture Getter

Water Absorbent/Moisture Getter

Water Absorbent is the best suited products to improve reliability of high end application such as optical communication, medical use devices, and MEMS.

Thick Film・Inslated・Conductive Paste

Thick Film ・Insulated・Conductive Paste

KOARTAN Microelectronic Interconnect Materials is a supplier of Thick Film Pastes for a wide range of electronic applications. The product line includes silver based and gold based paste, resistors and thermistors.

Electrode/Heater Chip

Electrode/Heater Chip

Each electrode and chip correspond to custom uses.

Pb-free Soldering ・Pre-form Soldering

Pb-free Soldering ・Pre-form Soldering

This is top rated Pb free soldering throughout the world with deal and accuracy of dimension.



Galden is a solution for VPS reflow.

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