Measurement Device for Wedge/Ball Bond



Measuring Wedge bond & Ball bond

HC-AZ is a visual measurement/inspection device which has X, Y, and Z axes. It can measure wedge/ball bond width automatically and measure loop height semiautomatically. It can store statistics data and screenshots automatically that used to be performed manually (Manual measurement / writing down measurement data / PC data entry) so that this device will set you free from daunting tasks.

Bond width auto-measurement

Bond width auto-measurement

HC-AZ measures bond width automatically with automatic image processing system at the programmed measuring locations. It can execute nonstop measurement for all programmed locations as well as one-by-one measurement that enables an operator to conduct quality check at every single measurement point. You can reconfirm measurement results and re-measure bond width after all auto-measurements.

Loop height semi-auto-measurement

Loop height semi-auto-measurement

HC-AZ measures loop height way faster than manual measurement. The XY table moves to programmed measuring locations then focuses on bottom surface positions and loop top positions automatically. An operator decides whether he/she executes loop height measurement or makes fine focus adjustments due to height variation. The fine focus adjustment is done by using the trackball. The linear scale is mounted on Z lens axis for accurate focusing.

Statistics data and Screenshots

Measurement results and measurement screenshots can be sorted and stored by date or measurement locations. Measurement data is graphed automatically so that measurement results can be easily confirmed. Measurement data can be exported in csv files.

Statistics data and Screenshots

Measurement result output

Bond width auto-measurement data and loop height semi-measurement data can be exported in csv files so that this function is very useful to summarize measurement results. Users can output measurement data by measurement date and specific measurement locations.

Measurement result output


Please feel free to contact us for more details on what we can do to develop other customized inspection items to meet your needs.

Why HC-AZ?

Measurement time reduction

Highly sophisticated HC-AZ saves tremendous amount of time for quality check. It also eliminates measurement result variation that is caused by operators.

Example 1:Bond width measurement time in comparison


  • Product A:29 wires
  • Number of measurement locations:58

Over 60% reduction in test duration!

Example 2:Loop height measurement time in comparison


  • Product A:29 wires
  • Number of measurement locations:29

Over 30% reduction in test duration!

Measurement stabilization

Each operator’s bond width measurement results vary. Even the same operator measures the same bond width, measurement result is not always the same. HC-AZ eliminates measurement errors remarkably but achieves stable measurement results at every single measurement.

Example 1:HC-AZ measurement results for 3 times on the same product

HC-AZ measurement results   Unit:μm


HC-AZ 1st 2nd 3rd
Wire1 406.774 406.910 406.808
Wire2 395.450 395.484 395.456
Wire3 396.679 396.816 396.790
Wire4 416.147 416.218 416.227
Wire5 410.112 410.196 410.252
Wire6 394.175 394.308 394.274
Wire7 389.789 389.840 389.787
Wire8 384.645 384.728 384.664
Wire9 402.465 402.465 402.483
Wire10 402.154 402.271 402.167

Achieves stable measurement

Operator A measurement results   Unit:μm

Operator A measurement results

Operator 1st 2nd 3rd
Wire1 418.190 419.110 425.880
Wire2 409.140 405.070 412.620
Wire3 414.630 407.870 415.280
Wire4 426.950 433.970 428.530
Wire5 421.410 422.760 432.350
Wire6 412.170 408.220 416.380
Wire7 401.090 403.690 409.110
Wire8 393.610 394.720 400.920
Wire9 418.710 421.920 426.620
Wire10 418.390 419.100 424.330

Various user-friendly functions

Mapping system

The mapping system shows which area is being displayed on video screen when a program is being edited and actual measurement is being performed. The camera will move to the position where you click on the position in the map.


Auto zoom

An auto zoom lens is mounted so there is no need to switch a lens between Cu wire and AL wires.

  • 2× Lens: Total Mag.1.94~23.30X
  • 5× Lens: Total Mag.4.80~58.30X
  • 10×Lens:Total Mag.9.70~116.60X
Automatic scale calibration

Measurement scales are calibrated automatically so that stable and accurate measurements are maintained.


Common specifications
Dimensions 624(W)×654(D)×757(H)
Electrical 100V
Power consumption 900VA
Weight 75kg
Measurement area 300㎜(X)×300(Y)
Repeatability X axis=10μm Y axis=10μm
Fixtures Screw tightening or Custom made fixture
  • 1/8”square pixel UXGA progressive CCD
  • Total pixels:1688(H)×1248(V)
  • Cell size:4.40(H)×4.40(V)
  • 2× Lens: Total Mag.1.94~23.3
  • 5× Lens: Total Mag.4.80~58.30
  • 10× Lens:Total Mag.9.70~116.60
Operating Systems
PC DELL OptiPlex9010
USB USB2.0×3
OS Windows7
Program system New self-developed system

Visual inspections and measurements

The software developed by Techno Alpha Co., Ltd. SI Division is used in HC-AZ so that the following inspections and measurements can also be performed. By utilizing our self-developed technology, we can customize HC-AZ to measure and inspect unique products.

Measurement Device for Wedge/Ball Bond HC-AZ

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