Printed electronics products

Organic photo-detector/image sensor

Organic photo-detector/image sensor

ISORG is the pioneer company developing large area photo-detectors and Image sensors in organic printed electronics on plastic and glass. ISORG transforms plastic and glass into smart surfaces for innovative user interfaces.

Flexible electronics

Flexible electronics

FlexEnable has developed the world’s first industrially-proven organic transistor technology platform: the key to truly flexible and cost-effective electronics over large and small surfaces.

PDV system ferroelectric material

Fluorinated Electroactive Polymers for Printed Electronics

Piezotech is a company specialized in the production, the development and the commercialization of fluorinated electroactive Polymers, Inks, Films and Devices.


Silber nano ink and ZnO ink for the printed electronics

GenesInk is a leader company in printed electronics, offers the conductive and semi-conductive inks for the manufacture of OPV, OLED & Displays (ETL, electrodes) and flexible printed circuits.