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New materials and devices

Topological materials

Topological materials with quantum characteristics that go beyond conventional wisdom.
Topological Materials due to the uniqueness of their band structure, exhibit two macro effects: the "anomalous Nernst effect (ANE) " and the "anomalous Hall effect (AHE)." These enable devices with new characteristics.

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Topological materials

PDV system ferroelectric material

Fluorinated Electroactive Polymers for Printed Electronics

Piezotech is a company specialized in the production, the development and the commercialization of fluorinated electroactive Polymers, Inks, Films and Devices.


Silber nano ink and ZnO ink for the printed electronics

GenesInk is a leader company in printed electronics, offers the conductive and semi-conductive inks for the manufacture of OPV, OLED & Displays (ETL, electrodes) and flexible printed circuits.

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