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Semiconductor manufacturing equipment/material

Wedge Wire Bonder

Wedge Wire Bonder

Wedge wire bonder has advantage of high speed bonding and wide bonding area.This product is the best use for power devices in vehicles.

Wedge Wire Bonder

New Model Wedge/Ribbon Bonder for Power Module Applications

Asterion is designed to beltless direct-drive motion system and improved productivity(UPH) for power module applications by new release functions.

Wedge Wire Bonder

Convertible for large wire, Small wire and PowerRibbon New Model Wedge Bonder

New direct-drive motion system and our next generation Pattern Recognition technology delivered PowerFusion's industry leading productivity and reliability for discrete applications.

Multifunction Bond Tester(Pull Tester /Shear Tester)

Bond Tester(Pull Tester /Shear Tester)

Multifunctional bond tester, Condor Sigma, is capable of testing not only bonding wire pull/shear strength but also die shear maximum 200kgf.

Pb Free VPS Reflow Soldering

Pb Free・3D mounting・Void-less support
VPS Reflow Soldering system

These are VPS reflow, VPS vacuum reflow system which utilize saturated vapor generated from inert liquid and are the most suitable for ; *High-density mounted substrate, *BGA mounted substrate which requires calorific value, *3D-MID mounted substrate, *Solder reflow for the work including large size jig, *The work to which many size and many kinds of parts are mounted and difficult for uniform heating, *high-reliability solder reflow which requires flux-less and void-free.


Vacuum / pressurize reflow system

Batch type vacuum / pressurize reflow system which respond to the next generation reflow process and realizing void-less soldering.

The microfocus X-ray system

The microfocus X-ray system

Y. Cougar SMT is X-ray inspection/CT Scan System which has the best resolution and easy operation.

Plasma Systems

Atmospheric Pressure ・Low Pressure Plasma Systems

Plasma Systems is the best use for surface cleaning, processing, and improving.The two different plasma effects are available: low pressure plasma and atmospheric plasma.

Manual Die Bonder/Manual Flip Chip Bonder

Manual Die Bonder/Manual Flip Chip Bonder

For over 30 years, Tresky has been creating die bonder starting from manual to automatic. Various options are available for all sorts of application.

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